AB Nihleen & Torell (now name changed to Fairwood AB) a limited company established more than 20 years ago. Since 2001, we import and distribute furniture and toys for children first in the trade name "GoodWood" and since 2007 in the trade name "FairWood". Most of the wooden toys, furniture and all fabric products are manufactured by Selective Designs (Pvt) Ltd., see pictures >>

Our objective is to offer unique products of high quality that either have a practical use and/or an educational content.

All wooden items are made out of rubber wood. Each and every rubber tree in Sri Lanka is planted and after about 25 years they yield no rubber (latex). For this reason they are uprooted and new trees are planted. Replanting is controlled strictly and carefully monitored by the authorities. Uprooting/felling, sawing and seasoning (drying) are done by an affiliate company which is approved by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

All painting is done using nontoxic paints. The production is carried out to comply with EN-71 safety standards (CE marking) as well as the requirements set out by WFTO World Fair Trade Organization (previously known as Ifat - International fair trade association). We do also strive to spread and live up to "Swedish" environmental standards.

Since May 2017 Selective is a full member of WFTO.

Since the autumn 2007, we also represent NoaPoa in the Nordic countries. NoaPoa is the European distributor for Cuddle Toys by NoaPoa (earlier Douglas Cuddle Toys).

Since several years we take part in the bi-annual trade fair in Stockholm, Formex.

Our products are typically delivered from our warehouse in Halmstad, Sweden, but we can also ship directly from Sri Lanka. Almost the entire range of products is stocked in our ware house in Halmstad. We have a close cooperation with Krabat & Co, to whom we also produce to, in addition to several other companies according to their demands.